Hope R. Jay

Hope R. Jay, Esq.

Attorney and Social Worker

Hope has devoted her career to advocacy for women and children. Over the last 28 years, Hope has helped hundreds of families experiencing difficult challenges such as physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence and mental health and substance abuse issues. Hope obtained her M.S.W. in 1992 and her J.D. in 2004 from the University at Buffalo.  Working as a social worker over the first 10 years of her career, Hope developed clinical skills which has made her uniquely qualified to assist survivors of abuse in her legal practice.

Since 2011, Hope has been in private practice. Her law firm, The Law Office of Hope R. Jay, PLLC  has helped hundreds of clients who have sought her legal expertise in family law matters. Prior to 2011, Hope spent four years at the Erie County District Attorney’s office prosecuting domestic violence and sexual assault crimes. Over the last five years, she began to see a void in the legal system which has not caught up with the complex issues of emotional and psychological abuse and the effects on victims and children. Many of her clients have suffered from the consequences of an abusive relationship that often times is not physically abusive, yet when they are seeking to divorce, obtain custody, or file for civil Orders of protection from their abuser, encounter many roadblocks.

Hope understands that emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation is abuse; in fact, she has seen a surge in people seeking her legal help who are divorcing or in family court with narcissists. Leaving a narcissist and other Cluster B disordered people is often a nightmare. That is why Hope decided to create this Center, to provide people who want to leave their abuser with the legal advocacy, mental health support, financial advisement and holistic healing that survivors need to help them down the path to freedom from their abuser. The Center for Hope provides all these services through our collaborative effort, and every provider at the Center has the experience and skill set necessary to assist our clients to move through the feeling of victimization to the newfound identity of survivor.

Contact Hope at 716.955.9658 or email info@centerforhopewny.org