Who Are We?

At the Center for Hope, we are experienced providers who are committed to helping people safely leave abusive relationships. People often struggle with many conflicting emotions when considering leaving an abuser, and we are here to support you while you are making your decision. On our website you will find important information about narcissism and other forms of abuse. We know that people have many questions and may be unsure if leaving is the right thing to do for themselves and their children. Our supportive staff are here to guide you through the process of understanding and recognizing signs of abuse, and to assist you through the process of recovery.

We believe that when you bravely make the decision to leave, you deserve the most experienced legal representation, mental health support, financial advisement and opportunities for self-care and healing that are available for survivors of abuse. We offer all these services in a virtual collaborative of experienced providers who have your well being and healing at the forefront of our practice.

We welcome you here to begin experiencing hope, help and healing from narcissistic abuse. You may begin by contacting any of our providers for a confidential consultation. We know how hard it is, and we are committed to making your journey from victim to survivor as supportive as possible.

We offer legal advocacy, financial and mental health counseling and holistic healing services because we know that you are struggling in all areas of your life as a result of the abuse you have suffered. We can help you through the struggle to the other side, to a life that is free from abuse and manipulation, and free of your abuser. At the Center for Hope, we know that you are stronger and braver than you have ever realized.

Please contact us today at 716.955.9658 or info@centerforhopewny.org Your new, abuse free life is waiting for you.