Taunya Fourtner Abaya

Taunya Fourtner Abaya



Taunya holds a BA in History and Political Science from Miami University, a MS in Education from D’Youville College and a Financial Planning Certification from Old Dominion. She has 25 years’ experience teaching women and their families how to utilize money as a tool to create security and happiness. Taunya began her working career in Yokuska, Japan, teaching American children with special needs.  While there, she volunteered her time at the Navy Marine Corp Relief Society helping military wives learn to balance a budget, save money, and grow financial assets. Taunya went on to teach in Wahiawa, HI and Monterey, CA. With each move she continued to donate her extra time working with wives and other military personnel to better enable them to organize and plan their financial futures. 


In 2008, Taunya took the certification program at OD for financial planning. Two years later, Taunya moved home to Buffalo where she set up her own financial consulting service. She specialized in working with businesswomen and families going through divorce. In 2016, Taunya joined Buffalo First Wealth Management where she continues to help clients through financial education, as well as investment and retirement planning. www.TaunyaAbaya.com is another way she reaches out to financially educate families. Taunya’s webinars and seminars provide the basic building blocks for a healthy, happy and secure future. 


Taunya seeks to educate her clients through life’s ever-changing financial landscapes, and firmly believes that having an understanding of one’s actual financial assets and needs can allow each individual client to make more thoughtful, informed decisions. Taunya empathizes with people trying to chart their financial courses during trying times as she, herself, is a domestic abuse survivor. Tauyna’s personal and professional experience gives her a unique perspective and the ability to provide these important services to her clients who have themselves been victims of narcissistic abuse.

Taunya has gained the experience required to recognize the many-faceted degenerative effects of financial insecurity, and to lend reliable guidance based on existing facts and solid planning. This method has resulted in successful short- and long-term plans that have enabled her clients to reach their life goals and dreams. Taunya’s innovative strategies and methods, based upon the individual need and preferences her clients, has consistently paved the way to financial well-being for her constituents, thus reducing stress and increasing an intrinsic feeling of empowerment. 


Contact Taunya at 716.955.9658 or email info@centerforhopewny.org