Real Estate Advisement

At the Center for Hope, we understand that selling your home during a difficult divorce can be a very emotional time. If you’ve been narcissistically abused by your partner, when it comes time to put your home on the market,  you’re going to need the support of an experienced real estate advisor who understands all of the challenges you might face.

A person’s living situation is one of the most powerful methods of control that can keep you trapped in an abusive relationship. Surveys of survivors show that concerns about their living situation can be a reason for returning to or staying with an abusive partner. During a divorce, an abusive partner may use threats to undermine your safety and stability which may include controlling where you live and limiting your choices when it comes to selling your home.  It’s important that you have the guidance and support of a real estate advisor who understands how emotional abuse and manipulation can affect the outcome of any real estate transactions during a difficult divorce.

At the Center for Hope, victims are educated on how to obtain and understand real estate information they need in order to make intelligent decisions planning for their future. This real estate planning can help survivors face their fight to obtain long-term security, safety and independence.