Karen Di Salvo

Karen  Di Salvo

Master Reiki practitioner and holistic healer

Karen has been practicing Reiki for three years and has confirmed Master Reiki Lineage that is unbroken and can be followed directly to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui.  Karen believes in using alternative therapies and a positive mindset in order to achieve a more peaceful and healthy balance in life, and in relation to yourself, other people and the universe at large. Karen has worked with many people who have suffered trauma, depression and anxiety and she feels a strong connection with survivors of narcissistic abuse and intimate partner violence. She is committed to helping abuse victims through the process of recovery through holistic healing which includes Reiki, guided meditation, and health and wellness education and practice. 

Karen is dedicated to working with you to achieve personal growth and a lasting peaceful feeling.  Whether you are seeking relief from either physical or mental issues, Reiki treatments and other holistic healing practices can assist you greatly in reducing physical pain and emotional stress. 

Contact Karen at 716.955.9658 or email info@centerforhopewny.org