Elaina is a family law, divorce, and child support lawyer with over ten years of experience representing clients in Family and Supreme Court.  Elaina obtained her J.D. in May 2010 from Western Michigan University – Thomas M. Cooley Law SchoolGrand Rapids, Michigan. Prior to starting her own firm, The Monte Law Firm,  in 2015, she was an associate attorney at Dennis C. Gaughan Attorneys, where she represented hundreds of clients in contested custody, family offense, child support, paternity, and divorce proceedings. Since 2015, Elaina has focused her private practice on advocacy for trauma survivors. 

Elaina knows that many of her clients have suffered from the consequences of an abusive relationship that often is not physically abusive, yet when they are seeking to divorce, obtain custody, or file for civil Orders of protection from their abuser, encounter many roadblocks.

Elaina understands that emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation is abuse; in fact, she has seen a surge in people seeking her legal help who are divorcing or in family court with narcissists. Elaina is a strong advocate who possesses a rare combination of tenacity and compassion. She has dedicated her practice to ensuring that all her clients receive a just and fair outcome. 


Contact Elaina at 716.955.9658 or email info@centerforhopewny.org