Alison Burke

Alison Burke

Real Estate Advisor

As a full time Real Estate agent Alison Burke delivers and exceeds expectations. A live wire, magnanimous and engaging, Alison is a forward and innovative thinker. Drawing upon twenty-three years in a client-centric business, she expertly applies her knowledge to best serve her clients, ultimately guiding them successfully through the home buying or selling process.

A fourteen-year real estate veteran, Alison naturally gravitated to her profession after ten years as an interior designer with several companies. This marrying of the two professions has proven an advantage in advising clients on current market trends, valuation, staging and properly marketing homes for sale. Her knowledge extends to commercial real estate as well as new home construction allowing her to assist in a variety of avenues as a client may need. Having a network consisting of contractors, painters, cleaners, stagers, organizers, and movers allows for building a comprehensive and specialized plan to guide each client toward a successful purchase or sale.

Considered to be warm and diplomatic, Alison possesses strong analytical and effective communication skills which allow for expertly navigating all aspects of the real estate transaction with a positive outcome for her clients. Her philosophy is that all clients deserve the very best of her knowledge, consistent communication throughout, professional code of conduct, patience and unwavering loyalty. It is with absolute gratitude that Alison can say that numerous past clients have again wanted to hire her to assist with their real estate needs and also consider her a friend. All of the Real Estate transactions that Alison has completed have been personal, as the relationship that develops with her clients is a close one. So many of her clients come from different walks of life and have different needs, with one common thread being that they are looking for a knowledgeable professional who can guide through what often times is an emotional process of buying or selling their home.

Drawing from personal experience as well as working with numerous clients coming from abusive situations or going through a difficult separation or divorce, Alison understands the need to be sensitive and judicious when needed. There are often times when a client just needs an ear or someone to be creative in finding a solution. This is where Alison shines as a person with a roll up your sleeves, can do sensibility.

Alison’s drive to want to help people at such a critical time as when they are buying or selling a home is something she knew she wanted to do at an early age. A love for animals meant she found lost dogs and cats with ease and reunited a number of them with their owners. With a passion for horses, Alison is an equestrian and spent weekends as a teenager volunteering at Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center and many boarding stables caring for horses. In recent years Alison has returned to Lothlorien as an ambassador and has served on multiple committees ranging from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Hospice Buffalo. This desire to give back and be involved in the Western New York community is the foundation on which she is rooted and it is her core belief that it is imperative to give thanks and be of service where she is able.

Whether you are buying your first home or selling and moving up, Alison is enthusiastic about taking the journey with you and will see you all the way home.

  • National Association of Realtors
  • New York State Association of Realtors
  • Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors
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